VMACS Coronavirus Precautions & Operational Changes

Due to the extraordinary impact and potentially serious health complications of the Covid-19 virus we have implemented several changes to business practices that will affect our customers and vendors.

For our Customers

We value your friendship, patronage and continued support! We have moved parts department staff to working remotely from home which minimizes the potential they have for cross infection by shared surfaces and other dangers in the workplace specific to virus transmission. Please be patient as working remotely has had an impact on our efficiency in handling your phone calls, checking stock and responding to technical questions.

For our Mechanics

Our mechanics are working hard to minimize your downtime and maximize your productivity during this unprecedented time! Please bear with us as we endeavor to maintain the safety of everyone involved.

For our Vendors

We value our relationships and look forward to continuing to work with you and the premium products you supply to us! We have implemented a closed shop & office policy. No sales visits are accepted at this time. Give us a call – we want to hear from you! 


All staff has been directed to discontinue traditional handshaking and maintain social distancing as directed by current health directives.

Our warehouse has invested in portable UV-C sterilization equipment. This equipment is used to sterilize every incoming and outgoing package to maintain the safety of everyone that comes in contact with the package.

We appreciate all of you! Stay safe!