Van Life Webasto 2kW Gasoline Air Heater Kit for Ram Promaster 90-3-0004

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Genuine Webasto Air Top 2000 STC Air heater kit. With an output range of 3070 BTU to 7000 BTU ( 1 kilowatt - 2 kilowatt ) the AT2000STC air heater can provide heat for up to 22 hours on 1 gallon of fuel. The Webasto Air top 2000 series air heaters are used extensively in commercial trucking and medium duty applications and are certified idle reduction devices. Investing in a Webasto gasoline heater will save fuel, save maintenance, save money and save pollution.

We take the factory packaged kit and add a specific assortment of Genuine Webasto accessories to give you a 1 click purchase option for a deluxe heater installation. Our kit is tailored to delivering reliable, quiet operation that is expected of the Van Life and Overland communities. 

 Basic Specifications:

  • North America Kit
  • Authorized North American Distributor in USA
  • Full Webasto backed Warranty support for all product purchased from us
  • Heater type: Heated Air for Cabin, Bunk, Sleeper or Cargo
  • Operating Voltage: 12 vdc
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Heat output range: 3070 btu - 7000 btu (1 kW - 2 kW)
  • Heat output control: Rheostat knob
  • Ducting Connections: 60mm
  • Fitment: Vehicle Specific to Ram Promaster and Sprinter
  • Special Attribute: Programmable Digital Controls are available as an option with the 5013874A Smartemp 3.0BT + 5013929B Adapter Harness, purchased separately.

See our video here 

See Ryan's DIY installation of the basic version of this kit here

    Webasto Factory Packaged Kit includes:

    • Air Top 2000STC Gasoline Heater Unit
    • Rheostat Controller
    • Fuel pump, fuel tank standpipe, 6 meters fuel line
    • Base mounting plate and seal
    • Heater Wire Harness
    • Fuel Pump Wire Harness
    • 1 M Flexible Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing
    • .5 M Combustion Air Tubing
    • Operation/Installation Manual

    We add our custom Noise Suppression kit of all Genuine Webasto parts:

    • 22mm Exhaust muffler
    • Stainless Steel Muffler clamps
    • 1 Meter Stainless Steel exhaust tube extension
    • Stainless Steel Mounting clips
    • Straight mounting hangers
    • Angled mounting hangers
    • Air intake silencer
    • 1 Meter air intake tubing
    • Silencer mounting clamp
    • Tubing mounting clamp

    We add our Custom 10-7-0010 Promaster - Sprinter fuel tank tap kit

    • Push lock fuel tank fitting for Promaster and Sprinter that simply clicks onto the unused factory auxiliary port
    • Adapter elbow to connect the barbed end of the push lock to the standard size Webasto fuel line supplied in the heater kit
    • Clamps to secure both ends of the elbow with spares
    • Does not fit 2021 & up gasoline Sprinter. Fuel tank must be drilled for standpipe.

    **This kit is designed to be installed by anyone with intermediate mechanical knowledge and access to basic tools. Some vehicles have access to the tank ports through a removable floor panel and some vehicles require lowering the fuel tank to access the ports.**

    **The intended market for Webasto heaters and Webasto heater kits is for the on-highway and off-highway markets. This excludes Marine applications. For Marine applications, please contact Webasto directly 1-800-860-7866**

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews

      Excellent. Works well and easy to install

      TYE GOETZ (Tacoma, US)

      good thank you

      Jason Carter
      Easy to install and works great

      Everything I needed was in the kit. I was able to install it in a day. Works great now and it's very nice to have heat in my van.

      Including a few self tapping metal screws for the undercarriage stuff would have been useful but I managed to get around it with my metal drill bit. YouTube video placeholder
      Patrece (Heber, US)
      Webasto 2kW Gasoline Air Heater Kit for Ram Promaster 90-3-0004

      Installation was straightforward (thanks to YouTuber Matt & Katie). My installation tweaked to fit my needs. The package from VMACS.NET I purchased came with everything you will need for a proper install. The only additional item I purchased separately was another Webasto Fuel Line Molded Rubber Elbow 90 Degree to ensure proper level to avoid air pockets.

      Customer (Austin, US)
      Does fuel tank tap kit included fit 2020 Sprinter 2500 (VS30) Gas engine Vans?.

      You have specified fuel tank tap kit "Does not fit 2021 & up gasoline Sprinter. Fuel tank must be drilled for standpipe".
      Does this mean fuel tank tap kit fits 2020 Sprinter Gas engine models without drilling and clicks onto the unused factory auxiliary port?

      To the best of our knowledge, this kit will work on the fuel tank aux port on all gasoline Sprinters up to 2020MY. Beginning 2021MY the aux port has been removed and an aux pickup tube has been added near the side of the fuel tank which requires a different set of adapters or drilling the tank to use the universal standpipe which is included in our heater kits.