Automotive AC Hose Fitting EZ Clip #10 Splicer STR Low Service Port 70R8271


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Eaton Aeroquip EZ Clip automotive AC hose fittings provide a secure method to attach the hose fitting to the AC hose using only a simple hand tool. Heavy duty steel construction makes assembling durable AC hoses easy for the DIY enthusiast or professional mechanic. The fittings can be reused by simply attaching a new cage, clip bands and o-rings when installing the existing fitting onto a new hose end. Tools and Reuse kits are available separately. Use to install an in-line low side service port.
  • Part Number: 70R8271
  • Eaton Aeroquip Number: FJ5986-1010S
  • Gender: None
  • Tube angle: Straight
  • Special Attribute: Low side R-134A service port
  • Tube Construction: Steel
  • Tube size: 10
  • Attachment: Re-usable
  • Use only with #10 Aeroquip hose

Interchange Numbers:

  • 232-8207
  • 313353
  • 35-EZ6103 3
  • 4379-RD5107041
  • 4379-RD5107041P
  • 4580EZ
  • 550-EZ5012-6
  • 615-2423
  • 85100336
  • 85110681
  • ABP N83 310721
  • ABP N83 310721C
  • ABP N83 310721C
  • RDHRD5107041P
  • RDT70R8271