2kW Heater Noise Suppression Kit for 22mm ports 90-3-0007


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We have created a 1 click accessory package of components to help quiet the operation of a gasoline heater or diesel heater with 22mm combustion air intake and exhaust ports. Our kit includes top quality components from Webasto and will work with Espar, Chinese Diesel heaters, Webasto and others. 

Our kit is tailored to delivering reliable, quiet operation that is expected of the Van Life and Overland communities. 

 Basic Specifications:

  • North America parts
  • Authorized Webasto North American Distributor in USA
  • Full Webasto backed Warranty support for all product purchased from us
Combustion Exhaust parts 90-3-0006
  • 22mm Exhaust muffler
  • Stainless Steel Muffler clamps
  • 1 Meter Stainless Steel exhaust tube extension
  • Stainless Steel Mounting clips
  • Straight mounting hangers
  • Angled mounting hangers
Combustion Intake parts 90-3-0005
  • 22mm Air intake silencer
  • 1 Meter air intake tubing
  • Silencer mounting clamp
  • Straight mounting hanger
  • Angled mounting hanger
  • Tubing mounting clamp

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