AC Accumulator for Caterpillar 74R5103

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The AC Accumulator has 2 design versions to know about. It can be either designed as an empty tank to temporarily store refrigerant or it can be designed to contain desiccant and filter media identical to a receiver/drier. If it is an empty tank, there is no need to service the accumulator unless some sort of physical damage occurs or you suspect the accumulator is holding debris and causing constant internal system contamination. If the design contains desiccant and filter media, follow the same 3 rules for servicing as a receiver/drier. Replace the Accumulator under any of 3 circumstances: 1. Anytime the compressor is replaced 2. Anytime the system has been open to the atmosphere for more than 30 minutes 3. Annually
  • Part Number: 74R5103
  • Diameter: 4 1/4"
  • Height: 9"
  • Inlet Fitting: Pad
  • Outlet Fitting: Pad
  • High Capacity: No
  • Fuse Plug or Pressure Relief: No
  • Switch Port: No
  • Mounting Position: Vertical/Upright
  • Special attribute: Contains desiccant

Interchange Numbers:

  • 089608-00
  • 3200564
  • 320-0564
  • 37-23601
  • 7628
  • 800-1002
  • 804-5368
  • ABP N83 319061
  • RD-5-16203-0P
  • RDT74R5103