AC Condenser Coil Core for Caterpillar 100-4-0007


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The AC condenser coil core, rejects heat removed from the cab to the exterior of the vehicle. The condenser is typically mounted in the air-stream in front of the radiator or placed remote of the radiator in conjunction with an electric fan to provide airflow to allow heat rejection. In general, condensers coils are designed to fit a specific vehicle configuration or are designed to have a universal fit.
  • Inlet Fitting: #8 Male O-Ring 3/4 - 16
  • Outlet fitting: #6 Male O-Ring 5/8 - 18
  • Height: 25.75"
  • Width: 21.75"
  • Depth: 1.00"
  • Mounting Devices: Single hole tabs on end tanks
  • Special Attribute: Parallel flow
  • Special Attribute: Caterpillar E series Backhoe

Interchange Numbers:

  • 3538584
  • 353-8484