Denso Style AC Compressor for John Deere 70-6-0004


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The AC compressor pumps refrigerant in a repeating cycle through the AC system. As the refrigerant is pumped, compressor oil also travels with the refrigerant. The AC compressor is one of the few components in an AC system that has any moving parts to wear. In general, new compressors contain a correct charge of oil for your system, but re-manufactured compressors may only contain trace amounts of oil and need additional oil at time of installation. We only sell new compressors, so there is no need to add oil. Always replace the receiver/drier when replacing a compressor.
  • Manufacturer: Samlin
  • Model: 10PA17C
  • Pulley Type: PV8
  • Pulley Diameter: 145 mm
  • Clutch Voltage: 12 vdc
  • Wires: 1
  • Mount Type: Direct
  • Suction Fitting: #10 Female
  • Discharge Fitting: #8 Female

Interchange Numbers:

  • 20-20715
  • 471-0455
  • 5832
  • RD-5-14079-1P
  • RE46609
  • SE503055
  • SE503065
  • SE501462 

All of our new Compressors contain a correct charge of oil for your R-134A AC System. There is no need to add additional oil.

Manufacturer recommendations are to always replace the filter/drier/receiver when replacing a failed compressor. Compressor warranty claim require proof the drier has been replaced and the A/C system has been flushed when the new compressor was installed.