Red Dot AC Condenser Unit 12v 77R1512

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The 77R1512 is a simple, lightweight, compact condenser that can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The condenser is mounted on the exterior of the vehicle and extracts the heat contained within the refrigerant. The Condenser capacity to reject heat must be higher than the Evaporator capacity to absorb heat. As a rule of thumb, multiply the evaporator capacity x 1.3 to find the minimum allowable Condenser capacity.

  • Part Number: 77R1512
  • Type: Condenser unit
  • Voltage: 12 vdc
  • Current Draw: 19 amps @ 13.5 vdc
  • Capacity: 30000 btu 
  • R-134A
  • powder coated steel housing
  • Overall Dimensions: 12.375"H x 25"L x 6"T
  • Optional mounting brackets: 77R9025
Recommended Pairings:
  • Evaporator: Sold separate. R-6840 or R-7830 or R-9755 or R-8500 or R-8545 or an evaporator having capacity less than 20,000 btu
  • Compressor: Sold separate. Any Sanden SD7H15 with pulley matched to your engine and clutch matched to your electrical system
  • Condenser: included 
  • Hose kit: Sold Separate 10-7-0002

Interchange Numbers:

  • 4379-RD470830P
  • ABP N83 306047
  • EE621-0-12R
  • RD-4-7083-0P
  • RDT77R1512

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