Red Dot HVAC Unit 24v Wall Mount R-5045-5-24P


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Red Dot's highest capacity wall mounted HVAC unit. Originally designed for armored cars, the R-5045 produces 430 CFM and has multi-directional louvers to direct airflow throughout aid cars, delivery trucks and other vehicles with large compartments.
  • wall mounted HVAC unit
  • 24 vdc
  • 11.2 amps @ 27.2 vdc
  • 33000 btu cool
  • 46000 btu heat
  • 430 cfm
  • R-134A
  • re-circulation air only
  • fresh air capable
  • ductable capable
Recommended Pairings
  • Evaporator: included
  • Compressor: any Sanden SD7H15 with pulley matched to your engine and clutch voltage matched to your electrical system
  • Condenser: R-9725 series or R-9730 series or a condenser having capacity higher than 36,000 btu
  • Drier: 74R1106 which has integral mounting bracket and switch port to simplify installation
  • Hose kit: 10-7-0002