Red Dot AC Unit 12v Rooftop Mount R-6101-0P


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The Red Dot R-6101 Series rooftop mounted AC unit is a sleek low profile design that looks right at home on today's truck and equipment cabs. The injection molded housing has pockets to hold the receiver-drier, blower assembly and evaporator coil so they're easier to service. A 12 inch Spal fan, dual-scroll/dual inlet Spal blower, rifled-tube evaporator and a parallel flow condenser contribute to impressive performance.
  • rooftop mounted AC unit
  • 12 vdc
  • 25.7 amps @ 13.6 vdc
  • 21300 btu cool
  • 299 cfm
  • R-134A
  • re-circulation air only
  • light weight 40 lbs
  • separate compressor required
  • Replacement roof gasket seal: RD-5-15378-0P
Recomended Pairings:
  • Evaporator: included
  • Compressor: any Sanden SD7H15 with pulley matched to your engine and clutch voltage matched to your electrical system
  • Condenser: included
  • Drier: included
  • Hose kit: 10-7-0004