Webasto Thermo Pro 50 Coolant Heater Heavy Duty Off Road Kit 5010870A

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This Webasto diesel heater is designed to perform in the most demanding off-highway conditions. Webasto offers an ideal solution for engine pre-heat, operator comfort and increased productivity for a wide variety of vehicles and machinery. This coolant heater is suitable for use on engines up to 15 Liter displacement. Preheating the engine eliminates excessive emissions due to cold starts, increased wear while running with cold fluids and can increase DPF service intervals. Uses as little as 1 gallon of fuel per 10 hours of run time.
  • North America Kit
  • Standard Thermo 50 24v diesel heater with heavy duty, off highway upgrade kit
  • Heater type: Coolant
  • Engine sizing: Up to 15L engine
  • Electrical system: 24 vdc, Harness included
  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Fuel system components: Fuel tank pick-up tube, fuel filter, fuel lines and clamps, fuel pump
  • Controls: Standard lighted on/off toggle switch
  • Exhaust components: Stainless steel exhaust muffler, tubing & clamps
  • Cooling system Components: 5/8" Coolant hoses with molded 180 degree bends, heavy duty constant tension clamps, Y-pipe connectors, splicers
  • Special Attribute: Optional programmable timer 5010633C sold separately