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Webasto Rebuild

We offer replacement parts, do-it-yourself installation kits, and a shop rebuild program for certain model Webasto Heaters.

If you have a problematic Webasto heater, you are welcome to deliver it to us either in person or via delivery service for a diagnostic test. Contact us to determine if your heater is a model that we offer in this program. We charge a flat $50 fee for the diagnostic test, which will determine items that need attention. We will then contact you with repair and payment options. All repairs will be made using Genuine Webasto parts and all repairs are validated by performing a test run of the heater. Upon completion of the repair we will provide you with package tracking data once your heater is on its way back.

  • Place identifying markings on all wiring, tubes & hoses connecting to your heater.
  • Disconnect ALL wiring, tubes & hoses from your heater & remove the heater from the vehicle. Cap all connections to keep them clean while your heater is being repaired. Tie all wiring and hoses securely in place on the vehicle to prevent damage and aid in installation once your heater returns.
  • Thoroughly drain all fluids from the heater prior to packaging.
  • Securely package the heater to prevent damage during shipping. We are not responsible for damage to heaters during transport. (Ship the bare heater only. Do not send wiring, hoses, tubes, controls, or any other device. Our testing is designed to validate performance of the heater unit only.)

We have partner companies that may be close to you. They are authorized to sell our special Van Life Air Heater Kits and hold Webasto "Repair & Maintenance" certifications for Air Heaters

  • Apogee Fab
    Seattle, Washington
    Derek Baylor | 209-683-7449
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Bridge Bound Campers
    Fayetteville, West Virginia
    Michael Williams | 804-357-3805
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Brooklyn Campervans
    Brooklyn, New York
    Oliver Gallini | 267-320-3131
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Commercial Van Solutions
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Trevor Thomas | 717-509-3313
    Work Vehicle and Campervan Customization
  • Jimco Trailer & RV
    Greensborough, North Carolina
    Bruce Patterson | 336-552-0419
    Campervan and Custom Horse Trailers
  • Mountain Made Vans
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Matt Kelm | 763-370-3509
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Nomad RV's
    Toms River, New Jersey
    Steve Del Prete | 732-278-7590
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Redpoint Conversions
    Flagstaff, Arizona
    Mitch Yaggie | 928-613-2122
    Campervan Builder/Customization
  • Vanlife Outfitters
    Sarasota, Florida
    Zach Daudert | vanlifeoutfitters.com 
    DIY Campervan Resources & Supplies