VMACS Coronavirus Precautions & Operational Changes

Due to the extraordinary impact and potentially serious health complications of the Covid-19 virus we have implemented several changes to business practices that will affect our customers and vendors.

Webasto Rebuild

We offer replacement parts, do-it-yourself installation kits, and a shop rebuild program for certain model Webasto Heaters. If you have a problematic Webasto heater, you are welcome to deliver it to us either in person or via delivery service for a diagnostic test. Contact us to determine if your heater...

Webasto Air Heater Packaging

Place identifying markings on all wiring, tubes & hoses connecting to your heater. Disconnect ALL wiring, tubes & hoses from your heater & remove the heater from the vehicle. Cap all connections to keep them clean while your heater is being repaired. Tie all wiring and hoses securely in place...