Convertor Cable Control for Red Dot R-5045 unit 72R9000

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A cable convertor control converts the rotary motion of a knob to a linear motion, to push or pull a control cable.

When installing a new convertor or control cable it is necessary to adjust the cable for proper operation of the controlled device. For a heater valve, it is best to adjust the cable to ensure the heater water control valve has 100% shut off, verified at the valve. Heater output will easily override air conditioner cooling capacity. Therefore, a valve that does not have 100% shut off will add heat to the system to some degree. To adjust the control, manually put the valve to 100% closed. Manually turn the converter to the 100% off position. Install the cable loosely in the clamps, making sure the valve remains 100% off. It is acceptable for the convertor to creep away from the full off position but the valve must remain 100% closed. Tighten the cable clamps on both ends of the cable.

  • Part Number: 72R9000
  • Type: Convertor cable control
  • Action: Push-Pull
  • Special attribute: Use with Red Dot R-5045 unit and Universal
  • Special Attribute: Use with 71R4020 Knob

Interchange Numbers:

  • 1911505761
  • 232-8706
  • 2529
  • 4379-RD579990
  • 4379-RD579990P
  • 625-4515
  • 723-7401
  • ABP N83 327830
  • HP27401
  • RD-5-7999-0P
  • RDHRD579990P
  • RDT72R9000

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