Red Dot HVAC Unit 24v Wall Mount R-8500-2-24P

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Just 5.6 inches deep, the R-8500 packs high performance and reliability into a slim profile. The air plenum can be changed to divert air out the top of front of the unit depending on the application. In addition, the controls can be remote mounted.

The Evaporator is mounted inside the operator space and absorbs heat from the cabin air into the refrigerant. The capacity of the Evaporator is limited by several factors including the capacity of the compressor. Most evaporators will realize maximum capacity when paired with a Sanden SD7H15 or Sanden FLX7 model compressor.

  • Part Number R-8500-2-24P
  • Type: Heat - A/C unit
  • Mounting: Wall 
  • Voltage: 24 vdc
  • Current Draw: 6.75 amps @ 27.2 vdc
  • Capacity: 15200 btu cool
  • Capacity: 22000 btu heat
  • Airflow: 205 cfm
  • R-134A
  • recirculation air filter included
  • air filter included
  • fresh air capable
  • remote mountable controls
Recommended Pairings:
  • Evaporator: included
  • Compressor: Sold separate. Any Sanden SD7H15 with pulley matched to your engine and clutch voltage matched to your electrical system
  • Condenser: Sold separate. R-9720 series or a condenser having capacity higher than 20,000 btu. 
  • Drier: Sold separate. 74R1106 which has integral mounting bracket and switch port to simplify installation.
  • Hose kit: Sold Separate 10-7-0002

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