Van Life Webasto 4kW Gasoline Air Heater Kit for Ford Transit 90-3-0020

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Genuine Webasto Air Top EVO 40 Air heater kit. With an output range of 5800 BTU to 11942 BTU (1.7 kilowatt - 3.5 kilowatt with boost to 4kw) the Air Top EVO40 series air heaters can provide heat for up to 16 hours on 1 gallon of fuel. Investing in a Webasto gasoline air heater will save fuel, save maintenance, save money and save pollution.

We take the factory packaged kit and add a specific assortment of Genuine Webasto accessories to give you a 1 click purchase option for a deluxe heater installation. Our kit is tailored to delivering reliable, quiet operation that is expected of the Van Life and Overland communities.

 Basic Specifications:

  • North America Kit
  • Authorized North American Distributor in USA
  • Full Webasto backed Warranty support for all product purchased from us
  • Heater type: Air for Cabin, Bunk, Sleeper or Cargo
  • Operating Voltage: 12 vdc
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Heat output range: 5800 btu - 11942 btu (1.7 kW - 3.5 kW)
  • Heat output control: Programmable Smartemp 3.0BT Controller
  • Ducting Connections: 90mm
  • Fitment: Vehicle Specific to Ford Transit
  • Special Attribute: For larger space heating requirements or extreme cold conditions
Webasto Factory Packaged Kit includes:
  • Air Top EVO40 Gasoline Heater Unit
  • Smartemp 3.0 Bluetooth Controller
  • Fuel system with universal tank standpipe
  • Base mounting plate and seal
  • Heater Wire Harness
  • Fuel Pump Wire Harness
  • 1 M Flexible Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing
  • 1 M Combustion Air Inlet Tubing
  • Operation/Installation Manual
We add our custom Noise Suppression kit of all Genuine Webasto parts:
  • 24mm Exhaust muffler
  • Stainless Steel Muffler clamps
  • 1 Meter Stainless Steel exhaust tube extension
  • Stainless Steel Mounting clips
  • Straight mounting hangers
  • Angled mounting hangers
  • Air intake silencer
  • 1 Meter air intake tubing
  • Silencer mounting clamp
  • Tubing mounting clamp

We add our Custom 10-7-0011 Ford Transit Gasoline fuel tank tap kit

  • Push lock fuel tank fitting for Ford Transit & E-Series that simply clicks onto the unused factory auxiliary port
  • Adapter elbow to connect the barbed end of the push lock to the standard size Webasto fuel line supplied in the heater kit
  • Clamps to secure both ends of the elbow with spares

**This kit is designed to be installed by anyone with intermediate mechanical knowledge and access to basic tools. Some vehicles have access to the tank ports through a removable floor panel and some vehicles require lowering the fuel tank to access the ports.**

**The intended market for Webasto heaters and Webasto heater kits is for the on-highway and off-highway markets. This excludes Marine applications. For Marine applications, please contact Webasto directly 1-800-860-7866**

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