Webasto Smartemp Control V3.0BT 5013874B

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Webasto 5013874A SmarTemp Control 3.0BT Bluetooth enabled Timer for Air and Coolant Heaters. This is the control only. 
  • To upgrade AT2000STC Rheostat: Order this control + adapter harness 5013929B
  • To upgrade EVO40/55 Rheostat: Order this control + adapter harness 5013930A
  • To upgrade AT2000STC Smartemp 2.0 and EVO40/55 Smartemp 2.0: Order this control + adapter harness 5013931A
  • To upgrade Thermo Pro 50 and Thermo Top EVO rocker switch: Order this control + adapter harness 5013932A
  • For added flexibility with controller mounting location, add extension harness RPC1010001. If you are upgrading an existing controller as listed above, this harness will be in addition to the required adapter harness. 

The Webasto SmarTemp Control 3.0BT provides the following benefits to your Webasto air heating system:

  • North America kit compatibility only, will not work with imported European heaters
  • Remote Control via Bluetooth paired device
  • Precision bunk temperature management
  • Easy to set time and day of the week
  • One touch instant heater start/stop
  • Easy to program air heater start times
  • Easy to read LCD screen displays mode, current temperature and set temperature
  • Preventive maintenance reminder and low voltage disconnect alert
  • English, French, Spanish
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature display
  • Works in 12v or 24v systems
  • Timer only. Separate wiring harness required

**Not compatible with AT2000 Models prior to STC

** Not compatible with 4kw models prior to EVO40/55

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Richardson (Anchorage, US)
SmarTemp 3.0 & TP90

Scott was a pleasure to work with, he was knowledgeable and willing to help. He reviewed Tech documents and provided suggestions and ultimately got me TP90 coolant heater working as Webasto intended with the SmarTemp 3.0 providing Bluetooth controllability

I would highly recommend VMACS!

Thanks Scott !!

Rory Henderson (Victoria, CA)
Works great!

Was having difficulties with my EVO 45 shutting down, error code indicated it was the controller. Replaced V2.0 to V3.0 BT - the diagnostics are great with V3.0. Determined it was faulting due high exhaust temp. Cleaned it up and now works great.

Steve Hodgins (London, CA)

part looks good and quick delivery.

Customer (Chicago, US)
Power consumption

Is it possible, using the Smartemp 3.0 to start the heater and keep it on for the entire night. On and off cycling during the night drains my batteries completely because of the glow plug energy consumption. I currently have a rheostat to control the unit

The Smartemp 3.0 is designed to work similar to a household thermostat. The heater will try to maintain the exact temperature set on the control. Therefore, it will also cycle unless it is so cold that the heater can never fully meet demand which will cause it to run continuously in an attempt to do so.

The heater is designed to work with your vehicle battery. It should never drain your battery completely. The heater has a built in, low voltage safety. If it detects a supply voltage below 10.5v it will shut down to prevent draining the vehicle battery too much. Additionally, if it not already in operation, the heater will not start if the voltage is below the threshold.

You may need to have a load test done on your batteries to check their condition.

Matthew Sigman (Ashburn, US)
Good idea, mediocre execution

The SmarTemp 3.0 is Webasto's attempt to enter the 21st century. While not wifi-enabled as many would expect for a new product launched in 2022, bluetooth is a good start. Unfortunately, it still falls short in a few key ways. Firstly, on my unit, the screen was mounted crooked; it's tilted about 10º up and to the right. This is annoying but doesn't impact functionality. Secondly, the unit has a built-in temperature probe that it uses to display the ambient temperature, but it doesn't actually use this temperature to determine the target heat temp. Instead, it seems to be relying on the internal probe of my Air Top Evo 55. I know this because of the excellent diagnostic information available over the bluetooth connection and the iPhone app – that's the best part of the device.

Coming from the MultiControl it was a worthwhile upgrade for me, but if I had the standard dual dials I wouldn't bother.

VMACS was awesome as always.