Heater Coil Core for Red Dot R-3500 Units 76R3920

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The heater coil core, transfers heat from the engine coolant to the interior of the vehicle cabin. The heater coil is typically mounted within the vehicle cabin in conjunction with an electric fan to provide airflow to allow heat transfer from the coil to the cabin air. The heater coil is often packaged in conjunction with the A/C Evaporator coil. Heated air from the heater coil is often blended with cold air from the A/C evaporator to provide precise control of vent discharge temperatures. In general, heater coils are designed to fit a specific vehicle configuration.
  • Part Number: 76R3920
  • Inlet Fitting: 5/8" Bumped Tube
  • Outlet fitting: 5/8" Bumped Tube
  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 17.5"
  • Depth: 2.25"
  • Special Attribute: Tube and Fin
  • Special Attribute: Replacement for R-3500 Units

Interchange Numbers:

  • 1325448
  • 232-9515
  • 4379-RD112810
  • 4379-RD112810P
  • ABP N83 315530
  • RD-1-1281-0P
  • RDH RD1 1281 0
  • RDHRD112810P
  • RDT76R3920

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