Where to Find Mobile Air Parts?

Are you looking for mobile air parts for your commercial truck, off road machinery, and heavy duty equipment? 

How about heater or air conditioning system maintenance? At Virginia Mobile Air Conditioning we support the heavy duty market industry by supplying climate control solutions. Not only are we just an online web store for aftermarket and replacement hvac parts, but we are also a repair shop that performs system maintenance, installations, and fixing specific components in heavy duty air conditioning and heater systems.

Finding mobile air and climate control parts for heavy duty equipment vehicles can be a challenge. When heavy duty equipment breaks down it takes time away from job sites and completing construction projects or logistical routes. Off road machinery is vulnerable to harsh weather conditions that cause parts to be subjected to accumulating dust and dirt.

Here is a routine question checklist for diagnosing troubles in heavy duty machinery.

  1. What are the indications of the trouble?
  2. How was the trouble discovered?
  3. What were the conditions at the time the trouble occurred?
  4. Is the trouble constant or intermittent?
  5. Are there any missing parts?

The first step in identifying error is to visually inspect each section within the vehicle. 

Climate control inspections start with a visual inspection of:

  1. Compressor- is the component that moves the refrigerant through the system.
  2. Condenser- is the component that allows the transfer of heat to be removed from the refrigerant
  3. Drier/Receiver/ Air Filters- is the only component in the system that requires regular replacement. Moisture and desiccant have to be removed to ensure passive air flow. 
  4. Evaporator- is the component that allows it to be absorbed into the refrigerant. 
  5. Accumulator- performs much of the same functions as the drier. If a system has on orifice tube the system must contain an accumulator.
  6. Hoses- the hoses and fittings connect all of these components together and are often the weakest components in the system. Hoses are receptive to wear and tear and will need to be checked frequently to insure proper connection.
  7. Electrical Controls-These controls are in charge of regulating the temperature and the pressure of each vehicle's climate control system. 

 Condenser Unit and AC Drier in a Hitachi Excavator 

Additionally, finding out if your truck, bus, or off-road machinery has a climate control or hvac system issue might be an easy problem to detect. Experiencing when the ac works but the heater does not, having the ac on but it is blowing out hot air, and inhaling bad air quality from the outside could be challenges you are facing while operating off road construction machinery. It could also potentially be time for a routine hvac system maintenance check up. These could be your reasons for purchasing a new part or scheduling your vehicle for service.

The challenge that presents itself to drivers and construction crew leaders is where to find replacement parts in a timely manner. Another question that presents itself, is when do you want to resolve the issue? Why wait and prolong the problem when the solution is just a click away.

The nearest part shop is normally the first choice taken, but in terms of being the “nearest” that could still mean the location is over 25 miles away. Then if they do not have the part what is your plan B? 

Plan B starts by conducting an online search through Google. There is a good chance you will find a lot of air parts sold outside of your home state and on marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. However, buying through online marketplaces might not be such a good idea, as background information on the seller is limited and further research and validation has to be performed before purchase.

At Virginia Mobile Air Conditioning we are a distributor for Red Dot, and Webasto replacement parts. Beginning your search with us is an excellent choice for finding the right part for your heavy duty equipment’s air system. One of Virginia’s biggest industries in the state is agriculture. We are happy to serve and provide support for heavy duty equipment that are engaged in agricultural projects by making sure their air systems will function properly all year long. 

When we serve you our goal is to minimize your downtime in waiting for parts and repair. As we approach the winter season the focus shifts to our Webasto and Red Dot heater air parts.

For Heater Season Check These Components to see if you need a new or replacement part:

  1. Heater Core- heater cores are small radiators. The fin and tube construction to route coolant flow for the best heat energy transfer from coolant to cab air.
  2. Water Valves- these valves maybe cable, vacuum, or air controlled. Valves can be opened, closed, or set part way open. Some valves have a bypass design to return coolant to the engine. Most valves are controlled by electronic systems. 
  3. Defrosters and Ducks- defrosting is accomplished by heated dry air through ducts to windshield. Meaning if the ducts are clogged then your windshield will remain foggy. Heater systems serve a dual purpose of defrosting and heating. Controls are used to route air flow to the windshield and occupant areas by opening or closing duct doors. Controls maybe air, vacuum, or manual. 
  4. Blowers and Fans- blowers and fans are used in the system to move cab air through the heater core and evaporator.

After a quick check up on these components you will be ready to make a decision on the exact parts you will need for the 2020-2021 winter season.